Alcohol & Fertility

Why alcohol won’t help you increase your chances of getting pregnant”

We all know that it’s not recommended to drink while pregnant because it could harm your baby, but did you know that alcohol can have a devastating impact on your fertility?

The findings from studies done around the world are indisputable. Alcohol should be avoided while trying to conceive. If you have been trying to fall pregnant for a while without success and suspect you have infertility issues, now is the time to quit alcohol and focus on building your preconception health.

If you’re considering IVF or other expensive fertility procedures you should quit alcohol at least 3-6 months prior to undergoing any procedure.

Effects of alcohol on fertility

Alcohol limits the body’s ability to absorb and process nutrients such as antioxidants, zinc and selenium – all essential for good fertility. It also affects both men and women equally – so both partners need to go dry in order to increase their fertility and libido.


  • The menstrual cycle in women is a series of well-coordinated events all made possible due to the presence of hormones.
  • Alcohol depresses the adrenal glands and slows the release of hormones and directly interferes with the delicate balance required to regulate ovulation.
  • It also has a direct impact on egg health.


  • Excessive alcohol consumption has been associated with decreased number of normal sperm.
  • Alcohol is toxic to the delicate sperm producing cells.
  • It also affects hormone production in men, just as it does in women.

I’m not pregnant yet, so can’t I have just a few drinks?”

It’s best not to because…

The consensus is that there is no safe level of consumption for a teratogenic substance (i.e. one that causes mutations and abnormalities) when a couple desires a healthy conception.

What this means is that having even a few drinks a week can negatively affect your fertility and significantly lower your chances of conceiving.

Some studies have shown that even one glass of alcohol can decrease your fertility by 50%.

Good preconception health will help you fall pregnant

The good news is that you can reverse the damaging effects of alcohol. By abstaining for the 120 days it takes to form healthy sperm and mature a healthy egg you will increase your chances of falling pregnant, whether you are trying naturally or going through the IVF process.

So if you’re trying to fall pregnant, it’s time to lay off the booze and start a personalised preconception health care plan!

Here at Naturally Fertile we are focused on helping couples learn how to increase fertility, overcome infertility issues and prepare for a healthy pregnancy. We can support you while quitting alcohol and help you be the healthiest you can be prior to conceiving. We also offer tailored IVF support for couples embarking on the IVF journey.

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