Fertility Friendly Foods

There is a really strong link between diet and fertility. Providing your body the nutrients it needs to make a strong healthy baby is super important. Depending on what your diet is now, and where it needs to be for pre-pregnancy and pregnancy, you may need to spend 3-6months prior to conception cleaning up your food choices. In a nutshell we need to be consuming the cleanest possible foods: organic, unprocessed, natural fertility foods.

Try not to be overwhelmed by the thought of a complete diet overhaul. Make small changes that will be long lasting. This way of eating isn’t meant to be short term just to “get a baby”, it will sustain you through your pregnancy, your journey as a parent, make you wonderful role models for your children and reduce your risk of lifestyle disease like Type II diabetes and heart disease (meaning you live longer for this little being you are about to create!)

Let’s discuss the foods that you will be eating first as part of your fertility diet plan:

  • Protein should be organic, free range. Think grass fed beef and lamb, free range eggs, chicken and pork, wild caught seafood, organic nuts and seeds. You should aim to include protein at every meal, and the portion size is the size and thickness of the palm of your hand.
  • Fruit and vegetables Aim for organic and as much variety as possible. The way to do achieve this is by eating only what is in season, eating lots of colours, and including new recipes in your meal plan every week.
  • Limit your fruit to 2-3 serves per day and eat them at the same time as some protein so your blood sugar levels do not spike then crash (and burn. Remember fruit is basically vegetables with sugar added.
  • Grains If you can tolerate them ensure they are organic whole grains such as quinoa, millet, brown rice or oats. If you are intolerant to grains you may consider eating grain free to reduce any inflammatory causing foods in your diet.
  • Good Fats need to be included. Coconut oil, olive oil, nut oils, nut butters, organic grass fed butter or ghee, and avocado are all good choices.
  • Drinks should be water, water or water! Actually herbal teas can be very beneficial, as can water kefir or kombucha. Drinking about 2L filtered water a day will help your body be a toxic free environment. Try adding fruit to your water, to improve the flavour. An average female will need a minimum of 1.5 litres of water daily and another litre for every hour of exercise. You are drinking coffee… Oh no, that means you need another two glasses of water per cup of coffee!

Now let’s talk about what foods NOT to eat. Any food that is full of colours, preservatives, trans fats, white flour, white sugar, actually any added sugar should be avoided. Margarine, fried foods, soft drinks, caffeinated beverages (tea and coffee), any microwaved foods, and any other foods that are fake, junky and full of chemicals.

Why should you avoid these? They will disrupt your hormones, promote nutritional deficient states, slow metabolism, encourage candida, weight gain, and gut issues, and will negatively impact on the fertility for both men and women.

So, what to do now? Look at your current diet closely, bring a food diary to your consultation to find out simple things like are you eating enough or far too much, work out areas that you can improve easily and start there. It may be as simple as swapping black tea for herbal tea, or swapping deep fried chips with oven baked sweet potato.

By cleaning up your diet not only will you be clearing the way for a healthy bub, but you may see other positive improvements like your weight stabilising, having clear skin, balanced hormones, better digestion, and feeling calm, energised, and happy.

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