Nutritional supplements, are not all created equally!

Most men and women doing pre-natal planning will decide to take prenatal supplement. If you go to your GP for this, they will recommend a chemist brand supplement starting with E, but this formula is actually all wrong for what we need. You need to include top quality supplements that are specific to your needs, not just a blanket prenatal supplement that is too high in folate or iodine, and not high enough in iron. This is where the blood testing comes in. Based on your results, we can target deficiency states and have your chemistry markers ready for a baby.

Folic Acid for some women is actually detrimental to their health and they need to take the activated forms.

Some women need to avoid excessive amounts of iodine, while others need to load up to get their levels to where they need to be.

Nutritional supplementation is not guess work, and is based on your current dietary intake as well as what your blood tests reveal.

The difference between the prenatal nutritional supplements I can offer and the ones you can buy off the shelf are the dosages and quality. They are designed to be taken whilst supervised by a practitioner to achieve your health goals, in this case a successful pregnancy and a healthy baby.

Supplementation for both men and women to ensure healthy bodies along with top quality eggs and sperm is essential. Remember though, there is not a one size fits all protocol when it comes to natural medicine supplementation. It is essential to firstly determine your deficiencies through both blood tests, dietary and lifestyle assessment to ensure that you are enhancing your health and not causing harm to yourself as nutritional supplements are not created equal.

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