Is your weight stopping you conceiving?

If you’re overweight, or carrying a few extra kilos, you may already have tried one of those ‘fad diets’ advertised in magazines and on the internet. However, many of these diets can leave you feeling hungry and slow down your metabolism, making you more likely to suffer from rebound weight gain. This is because these diets frequently focus on low fat foods which are often higher in sugar or carbohydrates and low in protein. You may register weight loss on the scales, but be losing valuable muscle rather than fat. It is important to ensure good muscle mass is maintained during weight loss, as this will promote healthy metabolism and enable you to keep the fat off long term without the rebound.

TONIC’S totally natural and healthy Weight Management Program can help you successfully lose fat while maintaining muscle. Our convenient and simple to follow dietary program will help keep you feeling full, decrease your appetite and limit those sweet cravings in order to facilitate successful weight loss.

Look Good, Feel Great

Losing extra body fat with our professional Weight Management Program not only brings the benefit of looking good and feeling great, but can also help improve your energy levels, reduce your risk of developing many chronic diseases and encourage healthy ageing. It can also be a very rewarding and empowering experience.

Benefits of Regular Support

Keeping motivated and staying on track with your weight loss goals can be difficult to do on your own. Regular visits to our clinic can often be the key to success in fat loss and feeling great. We can provide professional advice to overcome your obstacles to weight loss as well as using our Bio Impedance Machine to measure exactly how much fat, muscle and fluid you’re carrying. This helps us design the perfect diet and exercise program for you.

6 Easy Steps to Looking and Feeling Great

The professional Weight Management Program uses a low carbohydrate, moderate protein approach to food intake, which promotes steady and consistent weight loss. The six simple steps of our program are:

1. Consume two healthy meals per day consisting of a palm size portion of protein and three handfuls of allowable vegetables. One handful of vegetables may be replaced by an allowable portion of fruit each day.
2. A high protein meal replacement once per day in the form of a shake or a delicious bar.
3. Include two low carbohydrate protein snacks per day.
4. Incorporate healthy oils as a part of your daily diet.
5. Aim for 40 minutes of moderate intensity exercise four times per week, or as individually recommended.
6. Measure your ketones using Ketostix™ twice daily. Ketones appear in your urine if you are burning fat. By measuring ketone levels every day, you can monitor your fat burning in real time!

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