Is your home making you sick?

We’re exposed to toxins in our environment almost everywhere we turn, but we do have the power to ensure our home environment is a safe haven from the chemical onslaught through our choices of cleaning products, cookware, house paint, carpet, deodorant, makeup, food, and water.

Examining each and every product we come into contact with may sound extreme, but for your health, as well as your fertility, it is necessary. Many of the chemicals that we are exposed to in our environment are endocrine disruptors i.e. they upset the natural balance of our hormones that are responsible for reproduction. Oven cleaners, deodorant, perfume, pesticides, cleaning products, insect repellents, cigarettes, shampoos, hair dyes, processed foods, deep sea fish, tooth paste, tap water, lead paint, new carpet and amalgam fillings are all sources of toxic exposure but most of these also have a natural alternative that can be so much better for your body and the environment.

Here are some practical ways to limit clean up your environment:

• Doing renovations? Use toxin-free alternatives. See for more advice on healthy renovations.
• Keep your air clean with ventilation, burn essential oils and indoor house plants. N.B. Indoor plants are not only known to filter the air but also to absorb radiation.
• Don’t microwave in plastic or with glad wrap. Better still don’t microwave at all.
• Avoid pesticides in your home, garden or on your pets, there are safe natural ways.
• Use natural nail polish and remover.
• Use chemical free cosmetics, did you know that many ladies have put 200 chemicals on their face before they leave home in the morning!
• Drink filtered water.
• Use aluminium free deodorant.
• Avoid SLS in shampoo, soap, and toothpaste.
• Buy fresh foods, avoid food in plastic containers and tins
• Store your food in glass containers.
• Drink filtered tap water.
• Use essential oils instead of air freshener and perfume.
• Make your own cleaning products with vinegar, bicarbonate soda and essential oils.
• Turn off computer, wi-fi, and other electrical appliances when not in use. DO NOT have them anywhere near you while sleeping.
• Don’t smoke and avoid passive smoking.

Use a glass or aluminium water bottle. The plastic water bottles that you buy water in from the shop are only designed for single use and should not be refilled.

Limit your exposure to all forms of radiation. A study showed that when chick embryos were exposed to mobile phone radiation during the 21-day incubation period there was a five fold increase in chick deaths 1. Yes this is an animal study and may not relate to humans but at this point there has not been enough research on radiation and fertility, so best to avoid it.

The closer we get to nature, the more we can nurture ourselves in preparation for a baby. Cleaning up your environment before bub comes along, will make you more aware of the array of chemicals that we do not want to expose your child to and will inspire you to have a clean safe family home.

It’s important to remember that just because products are sold over the counter this doesn’t mean that they won’t harm you. Always remember that the cosmetic and personal care industry is a business. It is driven by the principle of maximising economic gain. So please check your bathroom cupboard and start reading the ingredients list on your personal care products and replace any products which may contain any chemicals, with organic chemical free products.

If you would like any tips on my favourite natural cleaners and cosmetics feel free to email me.

1.Youbicier-Smio, B.J. et al “biological effects of continuous exposure of embryos and young chickens to electromagnetic fields emitted by video display units” , Bioelectromagnetics, vol 18(7) (19997), pp 514 – 23)

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