7 Ways to Boost Your Fertility Naturally

1.Work towards a healthy BMI

Both Mum and Dad need to ensure that they are in their healthy weight range. Carrying excess weight impacts upon our hormones and therefore, for mum, this can reduce ovulation and for dad, extra weight will affect both testosterone levels and affect sperm production.

Being underweight can be just as harmful to your fertility, again by reducing ovulation.

2. Get your man on board with preconception care health

The sperm is just half of the equation when it comes to making an embryo, so ensuring your man is eating well, supplementing with a preconception multi, reducing alcohol, not smoking (anything!) and keeping his ‘crown jewels’ cool will all impact on the health of your future baby.

One thing you can ask your man to do today is to take his mobile phone out of his hip pocket, not only does this radiation go straight into his sperm, but it also heats up the reproductive area. This is an absolute no, no for good sperm health.

2. Reduce stress

Easier said than done I know, but essential if you want to have a regular menstrual cycle and promote ovulation. The stress hormones your body produces tell your body that it’s in danger and thus you would not want to reproduce. This will therefore slow down or stop some of the essential hormone reactions from occurring. These stress hormones not only can affect your menstrual cycle but also slow down your metabolism and reduce weight loss.

Finding a better work life balance by including exercise and meditation will do wonders to reduce your stress levels. Taking herbal remedies such as withania, rhodiola, rehmannia Bacopa and liquorice will all help your body to reduce the stress hormones.

4. Remove social poisons

Cigarettes, alcohol and recreational drugs will all be detrimental to your fertility. Not only to they make the liver work harder to detoxify your system but they will rid your body of vitamins and minerals essential for healthy egg and sperm health. It has been proven that our most common social poisons directly impact on the health and function of our eggs and sperm, reducing conception rates and increasing the incidence of miscarriage.

A minimum of three months of abstinence and supplementation is recommended before trying to conceive. For more information see Alcohol and Fertility

5. Eat a wholefood diet

Our food is the fuel we give our body to provide the building blocks for healthy eggs and sperm. By choosing a wholefood diet, i.e. a diet full of fresh organic foods and no packaged foods you are supplying your body with the right building blocks to promote not only a healthy you, but a healthy baby. Your diet should be high in organic vegetables, raw nuts and seeds, lean protein choices, free range eggs, organic grains (if tolerated), filtered water and fish. When choosing your fish go for unfarmed fish from unpolluted waters, and choose the smaller fish, as they have been in the ocean for less amount of time and will have less toxicity. Good choices include; snapper, whiting, ling, herring, sardines and wild barramundi.

6. Detox your home

Natural cleaning products are probably already on your shelf just waiting to be used. There is not much that you can’t clean with vinegar, bicarb soda, eucalyptus oil and tea tree oil. If you’re not into making your own chemical free cleaning products they’re certainly readily available at your health food store, supermarket, wholefood grocer or online.

Radiation is something we are surrounded by every day. Did you realise that charging your mobile phone in your bedroom of a night time reduces your body’s production of melatonin by 50%. Melatonin is not only important for quality sleep, but also important for the health of your eggs.

Many personal care products contain numerous ingredients that are toxic or less than safe. Chemicals found in personal care products have been shown to accumulate in organs, cause asthma, and damage the central nervous system and affect embryonic health. If you would like more information on my top recommendations for cleaning and personal care products, feel free to email me.

7. Choose the best preconception vitamin for you

Not all preconception vitamin and mineral products are made equally. In fact, many retail brand multivitamins can actually reduce your fertility by overloading your system with folic acid and iodine. Your best form of folate may in fact not be folic acid but a methylated version or your body may already have too much iodine for good thyroid health. Prescription of a preconception multivitamin is best done once your nutritional health has been determined via blood and urine tests to ensure that you are enhancing your fertility.

To get started on making a healthy baby today, download our Preconception Checklist.

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