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  • Director of Naturally Fertile
  • Certified Medical Herbalist practicing since 1997 specialising in natural fertility
  • Certified Iridologist with a Bachelor of Health Science
A message from Kylie…

I believe there is nothing more precious than bringing a healthy baby into the world. My passion in life is to increase your fertility to help you achieve your goal of becoming a parent. As a Medical Herbalist with a Bachelor in Health Science I rely on up to date research and my 20 years of experience as a Natural Fertility Expert to understand your unique health situation to create the best fertility treatment program for you.

I employ natural fertility methods combined with the latest scientific research to support natural conception or assist reproductive technologies. I live, eat and breathe natural fertility. I am constantly: reviewing research on all aspects of healthy conception, attending conferences, liaising with other health professionals and improving my fertility protocols.

Although I am confident in my knowledge, I am also aware of the limits of natural fertility treatments. If after reviewing your current health status, I feel that there is another form of treatment that would better help you become a parent, I will always refer you to the right person. Whilst natural medicine is my area of expertise, I have a great respect for the wonders of modern medicine and believe in a wholistic approach, for some people this means that seeking help from a fertility doctor and perhaps the use of ART. Following a preconception care plan has been proven to double the chance of IVF working so if you are struggling to conceive I encourage you to ensure you have the best advice from both natural and pharmaceutical medicine

I have a good working relationship with the best gynaecologists, IVF doctors and nurses, obstetricians, acupuncturists, yoga instructors, meditation teachers, psychologists and general practitioners. This network of health professionals ensures that you can be confident of receiving the best comprehensive health care available.

I have a keen interest in epigenetics, which is the study of heritable changes in gene activity. This basically explains that we have the capability of turning genes on or off. Epigenetics supports the research on the importance of preconception care. If your ovum and sperm are exposed to poor nutrition, obesity, radiation and toxins then this directly impacts on your child’s chances of developing common diseases.

Couples find it so empowering to learn that how they treat their bodies in the months prior to conception directly impacts upon the long-term health of not only their baby but also the health of their grandchildren!

Having struggled with health and fertility issues myself my heart really goes out to couples /singles who are facing the heartache of unexplained infertility, recurrent miscarriage, polycystic ovarian syndrome, hormonal imbalances, endometriosis, and poor egg/sperm health and auto immune conditions. We are so lucky that there are so many nutritional and lifestyle choices that we can make use of to improve all of these conditions. Every person or couple has their own unique fertility journey and I feel very privileged to be a part of helping people overcome their struggles and become parents.

I look forward to unlocking the key to your fertility and sharing the journey toward parenthood with you.

In health and happiness,

  • Bachelor of Health Science
  • Diploma of Medical Science
  • Diploma of Herbal Medicine
  • Diploma of Iridology
  • Diploma of Remedial Massage
Associations & Memberships

National Herbalists Association of Australia
The Fertility Society of Australia
Australian Traditional Medicine Society
Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Association of Australia


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