Natural Fertility Solutions

The natural fertility preconception program has been developed over the last twenty years and is achieving remarkable results for people who are having difficulty conceiving and for those who simply want to provide the best possible start in life for their baby. The program is 100% natural, perfectly safe with no side effects (other than improved fertility, abundant energy and great health!) and is highly effective.

Over the last sixteen years Kylie has helped hundreds of couples achieve their dream of becoming parents through natural fertility methods.

How does Natural Fertility Management work?

Thorough case taking, continuing education on evidence based fertility medicine and a never give up attitude! As a patient of Kylies you will be supported every step of the way to ensure that no stone is left unturned in investigating the causes of your fertility issues and ensuring you the perfect personalised preconception plan.

What is involved?

In short ….commitment!

The preconception plan works – it guarantees you to be a healthier specimen, it is typically your level of commitment that dictates your level of success.
A preconception plan encompasses a healthy eating plan, regular exercise, fertility awareness education, stress management, clean living lifestyle choices and nutritional/herbal supplementation. Commonly preconception care involves undertaking a detoxification program.

Believe it or not detox programmes are quite addictive, if you haven’t done one before you will be pleasantly surprised as to how great you can feel. Symptoms that you can expect to be eradicated after a detox program include: irregular bowel movements, stomach cramps/bloating, eczema/psoriasis/ bad breath, hormonal imbalances, tiredness, insomnia, allergies and immune dysfunction.

When should I start my preconception program?

The preconception period is a minimum of four months. Maturity of an egg takes approximately 100 days whilst sperm may take up to 116 days. During this time both sperm and eggs are vulnerable to toxic exposure, and nutritional deficiency. The health of the egg and sperm reflects the health/ toxicity of environment in which they grow. As it is the combination of both the egg and the sperm that will make up your child’s genetic blueprint it is best that conception only occurs after a period of healthy eating, lifestyle and nutritional support.

You can start today with the 28 day preconception care nutritional and lifestyle program, Fertility Formula (also available as a package including a consultation and 500mL herbal tonic).

I know that I have reproductive issues therefore does my partner really need to follow the preconception care programme?

The preconception program aims for optimum general and reproductive health of both partners to ensure viable fertility and the health of egg, sperm and nurturing environment of the uterus. If there are known fertility factors for one partner it is even more important for the other partner to help their fertility situation by providing the healthiest possible sperm /eggs.

Both partners need a strong nutritional base to work from. Studies have shown that the majority of Australians don’t receive their Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) for many nutrients. Set up in 1941 RDI’s are the minimum levels of nutrients recommended to prevent diseases from gross nutritional deficiencies. Much of the research since then has shown that in order for our bodies to function at an optimal level we require a much higher nutrient intake. Not only is it important to consider what we take in, we must also consider factors that increase the excretion of nutrients. The following factors require a much higher nutrient intake to compensate for increased losses and/or functional requirements.

  • History of contraceptive pill use
  • Medications
  • Poor immune function
  • Working long hours
  • Past pregnancy
  • Poor digestion
  • Disease or family disease history
  • Intake of alcohol, sugar, coffee, soft drinks, refined foods and bakery products
  • Exercise
  • Stress
  • Chemical Exposure
  • Poor Diet

The preconception program has repeatedly proven to overcome imbalances leading to infertility such as:

  • PCOS
  • Endometriosis
  • Recurrent miscarriage
  • Irregular or no menstrual cycle
  • Infrequent or no ovulation
  • Poor sperm parameters: both quality and quantity
  • Lack of fertile mucous
  • Unexplained infertility
  • Thyroid disorders
  • Excess weight



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