The Fertility Formula

A 4 Week Program to Improve Your Fertility

Are you planning to have a baby?
Have you struggled to fall pregnant?
Do you want to minimise the risk of miscarriage?
Are you planning an IVF/ICSI cycle?
Are you overweight or suffering from PCOS, endometriosis, irregular cycle, recurrent miscarriage?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then I am so happy that you found your way to this page. It is my passion to do all I can to assist you to achieve your goal of having a healthy baby. The Fertility Formula will guide you through the best nutritional and lifestyle choices you can make to supercharge your fertility. This 100 page guide is packed with information; 3 weeks of meal plans, 50 recipes, exercises, mindfulness, nutrition and environmental support. Following a program like mine has been proven to increase your chances of overcoming fertility issues and having a healthy baby by a huge 78%.

The Fertility Formula covers everything that 20 years of working with prospective parents has taught me and is now available to you from only $55.00.

I hope you enjoy this program which has been created with much love and care and I look forward to hearing your inspiring stories. Don't forget to 'like' us on Facebook to keep up to date with our latest news.

In health and happiness
Kylie Armstrong
Medical Herbalist, BHSc.

"Hope is the little voice you hear whisper 'maybe' when it seems the world is shouting 'no'"

- Anonymous

Week #1

Your Fertility Friendly Kitchen

Week #2

Fertility Food and the Fertile Mind

Week #3

Fertility Fitness

Week #4

Fit, Fabulous and Fertile

43 Pages of Delicious Recipes

What to expect from The Fertility Formula

  • A 100 page guide with step-by-step instructions to get your body fertility fit via lifestyle and nutrition.
  • 3 weeks of meal plans and 50 recipes based on whole foods, no fasting and no hunger pains!
  • How to clean out your cosmetics cabinet and choose fertility friendly, chemical free cosmetics and personal care products.
  • Mindfulness practices to help you find your inner Zen.
  • Natural medicine, lifestyle and supplement advice to help you achieve optimum health, healthy hormonal balance and a body that is ready to create a healthy baby.
  • A weekly video tutorial to guide you through each topic.
  • Facebook community for you to share your experiences and recipes as well as ask questions about the program.
  • Access to webinars with university trained medical herbalist and natural fertility specialist Kylie Armstrong BH.Sc., Dip. Herb. Med.
Dean and Shay

“Kylie ensured we were as healthy as possible to create a healthy baby”

Read more about their journey here

Dean and Shay 'The Block' Winners 2015

The Fertility Formula Contributors

Best selling author of four 'Cut out the Crap' recipe books, all gluten, dairy and preservative free. After suffering fertility issues, Collette is now a mum of four gorgeous children. Through both her recipe books and Facebook community, every day Collette makes a difference to the lives of others with her generosity, kindness and caring nature.

Collette White
Collette White Cut out the Crap

Lee Holmes is a certified Holistic Health Coach (Institute of Integrative Nutrition), Hatha yoga teacher and whole foods chef. She is also the author of four best-selling books; Supercharged Food, Eat Yourself Beautiful, Supercharged Food for Kids and Heal Your Gut.

Lee Holmes
Lee Holmes Supercharged Food

Charlotte is a world renowned, clinical mindfulness consultant and transformative educator. She is the director of The Mindfulness Clinic and holds a number of international tertiary qualifications, including Dip. Mediation, DipEd (London University), MBSR, MBEAT, CBMT. Eight years ago, Charlotte designed and facilitated mindfulness workshops endorsed by the Australian Psychological Society, since then she has designed and run over one hundred retreats, days and programs in mindfulness.

Charlotte Tharrup-Owen
Charlotte Tharrup-Owen The Mindfulness Clinic

Lucienne Steele is a degree qualified naturopath who is passionate about food and has a deep love of herbal medicine. She lives in Perth, WA, with her husband and daughter and is currently focusing on being a stay-at-home mama. Lucienne dreams of one day running her own clinic, probably in Margaret River where she and her husband plan to build on a a bush block. She is particularly interested in mental health.

Lucienne Steele
Lucienne Steele

Erin Maddison lives and breathes health and fitness. The fitness model champion and personal trainer believes that all women have the power to create the body they desire and to live a healthy, happy and fulfilling life. Erin's vision is to inspire breakthroughs in the way women view their bodies and to achieve immediate and lasting changes in their lives.

Erin Maddison
Erin Maddison Pink Muscle

A reformed mainstream beauty addict, Irene started her blog 'Living Toxin Free in the City' back in 2009 when she realised that almost every single product in her home was loaded with toxins and chemicals. Since then she has made it super easy for us to live chemical free by creating the organic superstore with everything from organic skincare to chemical free cleaning and lifestyle products.

Irene Falcone
Irene Falcone Nourished Life

Dr Dingle is one of Australia's leading researchers, educators and communicators. He was an Associate Professor and leading researcher in Health and the Environment and is passionate about common sense and sustainable approaches. Dr Dingle has made public speaking an art. His presentations are enthusiastic and inspirational, entwined with memorable stories and spiced with a slice of magic. He interacts and motivates. He takes complex scientific information and converts it so that it is dynamic, easy to understand and informative.

Dr Peter Dingle
Dr Peter Dingle Dr Dingle

"Don't be discouraged. It's often the last key in the bunch that opens the lock"

- Anonymous

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